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Warehouse Lighting Case Study

3E (UK) Ltd was approached by one of the UK's leading Companies to reduce the cost of lighting in the Warehouse. The existing 170 400 Watt Metal Halide luminaires were replaced one for one with 4 x 55 IP54 sealed 3E luminaires, each with its own intelligent detector, remotely programmable from the floor.

Data Before After Saving
No. of Fittings 170 170 One-For-One
Installed Load 47.6kW 10.2kW -37.4kW p.a.
Light Level >150 lux 150 lux Same
Cost £36,500 p.a. £7,900 p.a. £28,600 p.a.
Annual CO2     170.88 tonnes
PAYBACK Installed     1.05 years

Energy Saving = 79%

Warehouse Case Study

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