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Office Lighting Case Study

3E (UK) Ltd was approached by one of the UK's leading Companies to reduce the cost of lighting while improving the quality of the working environment. 3E (UK) Ltd supplied 119 IGLK 255 DALI luminaires, and a further 37 custom designed IGL 1795 x 290 2x35/49 Dali luminaires to match for the perimeter.

Data Before After Saving
No. of Fittings 275 156 -119
Installed Load 53.82kW 21.76kW -23.06kW p.a.
Light Level >300 lux 440 lux +46%
Cost £15,500 p.a. £3,500 p.a. £12,000 p.a.
PAYBACK Installed     1.5 years

Energy Saving = 78%

Office Case Study

IGL 2x35/49

Office Case Study

Dali - IGLK 255 Dali