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LED Replacement Lamps

LED REPLACEMANT LAMPS for T8 and T12 lamps

3E (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the new 25 Watt LEDMaster lamps from Philips.
The new lamp now completes the T8 range of 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm lamps.


The LEDMaster lamp is a simple, safe and cost effective way to upgrade your existing fittings to provide the following energy savings:

Nominal Lamp Length Circuit Type Lamp Wattage Actual Wattage
including control gear losses
NEW LEDMaster Lamp Wattage Energy Saving
1500mm Switch Start 58 71 25 65%
1200mm Switch Start 36 47 22 53%
900mm Switch Start 30 40 17 58%
600mm Switch Start 18 28 13 53%

(Figures based on switch start fittings with T8 lamps)

Lamp Life

The LEDMaster lamp has life of 40,000 hours - over 15 years assuming 10 hours per day, days per week. The life is defined as the point where the light output form the lamp has fallen by 30%.
In tests, the failure rate of the LEDMaster lamps is 3% after 50,000 hours, so your lamps will still be working, although the light level will have dropped.


The Philips LEDMaster are fully compliant with all the EC standards for the European Market (Copies available on request)
The lamps have built in safety devices to ensure misuse of the lamp does not result in electrocution.


The lamps are supplied with a 3 Year warranty from Philips


If your lighting is switch start, upgrading to an LED lamp is as simple as changing a lamp.

Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five Step Six
Download & Print this Guide

How do you know if the fitting is switch start?

1) When you switch the lights on, they flick on and off a few times before they start to operate? If so it will be a switch start fitting
2) Does the luminaire have a starter? If yes it will be switch start, if not the fitting should be rewired or replaced with a new 3E LED luminaire - please see the section.

If my fitting is not switch start, how can I benefit from the new LEDMaster lamps? ...Don't worry - we can help

1) We can supply a new cost effective LEDMaster luminaire wired to operate the LED lamps
2) We can arrange for one of our approved Electrical contractors to rewire your fitting
3) We can arrange for one of installers to fit the new LEDMaster light fitting

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