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LED Replacement Tubes installed in Multi-Storey car park, reducing the energy consumed by 75%.

LED Tubes in Multi-Story Car Park
LED Tubes in Multi-Story Car Park

3E will be launching very shortly the new range of 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm LED replacement lamps. NO RE-WIRING REQUIRED – for switch start circuits, simple replace the existing start with a safety cut out device and replace the lamp. A very simple, safe, reliable and robust way to cut the cost of your lighting.

36 Watt T8 lamps = 47 Circuit Watts – New LED Master lamp = 22 Watts – 53% Saving

18 Watt T8 lamps = 28 Circuit Watts – New LED Master lamp = 11 Watts – 60% Saving

Luminaires with Electronic control gear will require re-wiring

Philips Master LED Lamp vs. Old, existing OSRAM 36 Watt 535 Lamp

3E is the first manufacturer to supply PHILIPS LED MASTER LAMPS in the UK

Unscientific Test 1st September 2010

Luminaire - Recessed Prismatic 1200 x 600 four lamp 36 Watt T8 Switch Start

Mounting height = 2.33 metres

All light levels in lux and taken at floor level, at a distance in mm from directly underneath the luminaire in the transverse plane (distance in mm), The lamps were simply replaced, one for one, no cleaning was undertaken

Transverse readings Underneath +230mm +460mm +690mm +920mm +1150mm
Osram T8 36/535 257 252 241 215 194 174
Philips MasterLED 22 Watt - 4000 K 387 387 360 314 279 229
Increase in Light level 130 135 119 99 85 55
% increase with LED lamp 51% 54% 49% 46% 44% 32%

PLEASE NOTE- This is an illustration only, under site conditions and is an indicative illustration only. The above test was not undertaken in Laboratory conditions, and other site results will vary. The above does not in any way imply the results that could be achieved in other locations. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact 3E (UK) Ltd -

Illustration of possible savings from LED master lamps

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